Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcoming Allie Noel Langstraat

Allie Noel Langstraat was born June 25, 2012 at 6:24 pm. She weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long! She is our biggest baby so far! My due date was July 30th, but since I was having so many complications with my pregnancy and I had Group B Strep as well as a history or rapid labors, they decided to induce me. We got to the hospital at 8:30 that morning and by 9:30 they had started some antibiotics to fight the Group B Strep. I had to be on the antibiotics for at least 4 hours prior to delivery so we just watched movies while I was hooked up to an IV and continued to have contractions like I had been having for months. Finally at about 12:30 they started the pitocin at a really low dose. I wasn't progressing very fast so they bumped the pitocin up every once in awhile until I made steady progression. As things got further along I got an epidural because I'm a baby and was nervous about the pain. Finally around 6:15 my Dr. checked me and I was a 9! Meanwhile, Chad is sleeping on the couch when the Dr. announces it's "Go Time!"  I had no idea I was about to have the baby any minute.
   I immediately felt the need to start pushing after the Dr got dressed.  Chad was still waking up and was feeling a little weak from not eating anything all day.  After 1 push Allie's head was out.  I then noticed Chad leaning over me like he was going to kiss me but realized those were not "kissy" eyes.  His head fell down near mine, and thinking he had passed out I grabbed him by the neck and held onto him as I pushed one more tie and Allie came into the world.  As they handed Allie to me, I still had my arm around Chad's neck in fear that he was going to fall.  He assures me that he didn't pass out, but just put his head down because he thought he might black out due to not eating all day and having just gotten up too fast.  (Our stories differ here! :) )  Still feeling groggy, the nurses made Chad sit down and the Dr helped him cut the cord! 
  We were absolutely thrilled to finally have Allie in our arms.  (Well, in my arms.  They put the baby directly on the mom now for an hour to an hour and a half.  Chad had to wait this long to be able to hold her.  When we finally got up stairs and he had the chance to hold her we were also greeted by our girls and some friends!  We are thrilled with the new addition to our family!  Here is our first evening at the hospital together and some pictures from the following day!


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Baby Gator

We love our Baby Gator!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Backlight in the Fields

My friend wanted to practice some back lighting in photos a few weeks ago, so we took the girls out to a field and had a little fun. My girls are obsessed with their dog, Chappy. Miranda tells everyone it's her dog!

Kindergarten Graduation

   Brianna graduated from Kindergarten on May 21st.  Here are a few of her friends from church that also graduated from other classes that day.  (Her friend Ashlyn had already gone home so she isn't pictured).
   As they announced each graduate they said what that child wanted to be when they grew up.....Brianna wants to be a Princess! :)  She's the only one that said that, and I wasn't surprised at all, she tells me all the time that she's going to be a Princess when she gets bigger! 

With her teacher Mrs. Young
With her teacher Mrs. Ariaga

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Modified Bed Rest

A couple of months ago I started having contractions all the time. Not your normal Braxton Hicks contractions, but what felt like the real deal. I have had an average of 20-30 a day for the last 2 1/2 months. It has been hard feeling like you're going into labor every day. I was diagnosed with an Irritable Uterus! What a strange name for my condition! Anyway, any type of activity induces the contractions, and I also have them for no reason at all when I'm laying down and resting. I also wake up at night with painful contractions!!! I am so grateful to have made it as far as I have...I'm almost 36 weeks!! The last few days the contractions have gotten worse and worse and closer together. I have no idea when this baby will come. She could come today, or weeks from now! This whole idea of feeling like I'm constantly in labor is annoying, but I'm grateful we made it this far. It's hard to sit on the couch all day with 2 little girls to care for and a house to keep clean. Luckily, I've had my mother in law come out for a week and my sister came out for a week with her daughter. I've occasionally had the girls off to play dates, and my friend got us a house cleaner for a few months! How nice is that? So I feel incredibly blessed and we are ready to have this little girl come join our family soon! Just hoping to make it til at least Saturday after Brianna's first dance recital!

Miranda's 3 Year Photos

We did a quick little photoshoot when Miranda turned 3. She is at this stage where she wants to be cooperative, but she is soooooo over smiling!!! Ha ha! It's hard to get a good pic, but this is definitely our Miranda Panda!!!

Grandma Langstraat's Visit

At the end of April, my Mother in Law came to visit. She was an absolute angel to come last minute when I've been put on modified bed rest. She helped with the girls, organized my kitchen and fridge and freezer, made some freezer meals and cleaned for me.  It was nice to have her here.  The girls especially enjoyed some Grandma time since we live so far away from any family.  Here the girls are in their Easter dresses from Grandma.

Grandma brought Miranda some birthday presents since her birthday was the next week!

We can't thank Grandma enough for coming in our time of need, especially with her extremely busy schedule.